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Barbie movie

Barbie Movie 5 Fun Facts

These interesting details show how meticulously Greta Gerwig produced her masterpiece, which was the sparkly and pink Barbie movie, which was also emotional, intricate, and layered.Barbie, the whimsical but empowering magnum opus of Greta Gerwig, has established itself as one of the most popular and profound films of the year. Barbie’s carefully crafted narrative, from the dialogue to the pastel-colored costumes and sets, is clear from the first pink-drenched frame. In fact, there are a lot of details in the Margot Robbie-starring movie that viewers might not have noticed the first time.Barbie is a layered movie full of pop culture allusions, homages, inspiration, and clever Easter eggs that gets deeper and more fascinating as these interesting tidbits are revealed. Gerwig uses Barbie mythology, musicals like The Wizard of Oz, and skillful casting to create a memorable experience for viewers as well. These details improve Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s journey from Barbie Land to the real world and Barbie’s exploration of girlhood.

1.The Humanity Montage included actual footage of the cast and crew’s families.

Although Barbie affected viewers in a variety of ways, the film’s central themes of girlhood and womanhood resonated most strongly with viewers. Ruth taught Barbie the true meaning of being a woman as she was having an existential crisis and felt the urge to discover something greater than being a doll. The emotional montage that followed featured images of young women living their lives and celebrating both the highs and lows of being human.Greta Gerwig acknowledged that the moving videos in this final montage were submitted by actual mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends of the Barbie cast and crew. The director had issued an invitation to them to submit video, and it was this final scene, set to Billie Eilish’s “What Was I Made For?” that inspired the title doll to embrace humanity.

2.The woman waiting for the bus is renowned costume designer Ann Roth.

Despite the fact that Barbie’s first experiences in the real world were terrible, they gave rise to one of the most priceless scenes in the film. Barbie briefly met the sweet older woman seated next to her as she sat at a bus stop contemplating her next move. The woman responded with sass, saying that she knew, to the doll’s wholesome declaration that she was beautiful.Legendary costume designer Ann Roth was the person in question, not an actor. She has won two Academy Awards for her costuming work on Midnight Cowboy, Hair, The Talented Mr. Ripley, The Village, Mamma Mia!, and other films. While many assumed that Barbara Handler, the woman who served as the inspiration for Barbie, would appear in the cameo, Gerwig went in a different direction and selected one of the most reputable industry veterans instead.

3.America Ferrera’s real-life partner is Gloria’s husband.

Barbie’s Gloria’s husband only made a brief appearance, but fans will be pleased to learn that Ryan Piers Williams, America Ferrera’s real-life husband, played him. In the film, he played a silly and endearing character who was mostly interested in picking up new languages.When he said to Barbie, “Yes, we can,” in Spanish, his demeanour became even more wholesome. The phrase does have political overtones, but Ferrera’s character famously uttered it in the Disney original movie Gotta Kick It Up! in 2002. This fact was made even more endearing by the fact that it was one of America Ferrera’s first acting roles.

4.Barbie Land’s Airport Is Called BAX

Barbie Land contained many references that were directly taken from real life, despite the fact that they were two separate and distinct universes in Barbie. The airport in Barbie Land was named BAX, obviously in homage to LAX, the Los Angeles International Airport, which is a hilarious detail.This tiny element highlighted the movie’s thorough development of the Barbie Universe and increased viewers’ ability to identify with it. Where all the Barbies lived and prospered was intricate enough to include a pink Statue of Liberty.

5.Weird Barbie’s Choice to Stereotypical Barbie Is Like The Matrix

When Weird Barbie gave Stereotypical Barbie a choice using two different versions of the same object, it was one of Barbie’s most significant (and hilarious) moments. She had two options: she could remain in Barbie Land forever as her limitations grew, or she could leave and discover who was playing with her and why she was giving Barbie ideas about cellulite and death.

This scene was obviously a parody of the scene in The Matrix where Keanu Reeves’ Neo is given the option to choose between the red and blue pills, despite the fact that Barbie did not initially grasp the seriousness of the choice (presented by pink pumps and Birkenstock sandals). Both of the


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