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Top 5 Actors whose debut were Bollywood superhit movies.

They arrived and took over. While some of them managed to stay on top for an extended period of time, others were only able to achieve success once. Yes, the actors in question had breakout performances in their very first … Read more

Bollywood Onscreen Couples

Bollywood on-screen relationships have always been a major component of all Hindi films. People have been coming to see their favourite Bollywood on-screen couples ever since the first Bollywood film was produced.Bollywood on-screen relationships have always been a major component … Read more

Best Horror Movies In Bollywood.

Dread takes on a whole new meaning as you enter the captivating and eerie world of Bollywood horror films, where the supernatural meets the silver screen. These films have riveted audiences and kept them on the edge of their seats … Read more

5 Best Akshay Kumar Comedy Movies That You Should Watch

Although Akshay Kumar has always played a variety of roles, comedy has been the genre in which he has consistently excelled over the past few decades. He has acted in films that have cemented him as one of India’s most … Read more

5 Hindi films that viewers have so far found to be the worst of 2023

Six months into 2023, it seems appropriate to assess the “best worst Hindi films” that we have seen so far.With Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan dominating the box office and receiving positive reviews in 2023, Hindi film had a strong start. … Read more

Top 5 Best Bollywood Movies Based On Novels and Plays

It is possible for screenwriters to find inspiration in plays, music, true stories, and occasionally even apps. But literature continues to be the most common source of inspiration for movie makers. Translations from books to films frequently draw harsh criticism. … Read more

5 Bollywood Actors who Aced Negative roles exceptionally superb

The two toughest parts for an actor to play are probably comedy roles and villain roles. You need to have impeccable comic timing to succeed in comedy. You have to perfect the way you’re speaking and it has to seem … Read more

5 Best Bollywood Science Fiction Movies of All Time

Hollywood’s speciality has always been making science fiction films. Other film industries have found it challenging to live up to the high standards set by Hollywood science fiction films. But over the past ten years, the Indian film industry has … Read more

5 Unconventional Bollywood Films Worth Your Time

Revolutionary leaders or their forerunners are those who have the audacity to deviate from the accepted norm. And they possess the bravery to confront situations that could result in tragedies or triumphs. But fighting and dying is preferable to not … Read more

Top 5 Oscar-Winning Films with Indian Patriotism: Honouring the Best of Bollywood and Beyond

The exceptional films that celebrate the spirit of Indian patriotism as well as being entertaining were made possible by India’s rich cinematic heritage. These Oscar-winning films, which cover everything from the fight for independence to stories of bravery and cooperation, … Read more